Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant business is one of the most challenging types of business.
It not only requires dedication, but also the business person who is able to capture every detail.
That is why the service “restaurant advisor” was born, step by step, and developed into an indispensable branch in the overall restaurant business.


Staff Training

The staff is the face of the restaurant, who directly serves and communicates with customers. The plus point of the restaurant also comes greatly from this department
Therefore, the restaurant should have professional service staff training procedures.


Restaurant Repair

With the motto of always putting the interests of the restaurant first, we always try to combine closely with customers, based on inherent experience with the ability to analyze and research, to create a beautiful new space. eyes, the most attractive
+ Dining area: the face of the restaurant, which brings the main income
+ Cooking area: The kitchen is designed effectively and will bring great value.


Media Production

In the course of operation, each business must always find ways to promote the image and products of the public. The restaurants are no exception. There are many types of advertising launched and one of them is filming restaurant photography.
Filming restaurant photography is one of the forms of advertising with very high efficiency, with the easiest and most specific approach to customers.


Restaurant Franchise

Franchising is no longer a new business form in Vietnam.
Instead of investing and developing a new brand that will take time and financial resources, finding a successful brand in the market is one of the solutions for investors to quickly enter the market


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