Family party

Order family party helps to save money and time for you and your friends, now home party booking service as well as home party will do this for you, just ask to have it right away. , with the delicious dishes that you choose, we will comply with the requirements of quality and service of the home banquet company.

At present, the home party booking service is flourishing with quality as well as food hygiene and safety, so our company puts this issue on the top of the table, delicious and neat, cleanest will satisfy. hearts of you and your family.

Eddie Cuong Nguyen is a home party brand with a menu of prestigious Japanese dishes in Vietnam. We accept party bookings at homes of families, companies, factories. A team of professional chefs of Saigon Cook will bring you many delicious dishes and ensure food hygiene and safety thanks to fresh food sources and clean cookstoves according to international restaurant standards.

We will provide customers with a prestigious, high-quality home party booking service. Customers can refer to more information about the home party buffet menu with many rich and attractive dishes directly processed by Eddie Cuong Nguyen.


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