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Join an EDDIE-trained cooking class, you not only learn delicious recipes, but also extend to baking, ice-cream, and mixing techniques. . In addition, students are provided with the necessary skills of a professional chef such as communication skills, teamwork, kitchen operation, cost control, human resource management, business project planning. culinary, … are all integrated in this training program. The learned information will help you improve your skills, skills, easily get a good job and shorten the distance to the position of Executive Chef.


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The program integrates theory and practice, focusing on student-teacher interaction. Students are instructed in detailed knowledge, expertise, and skills by teachers until they are mature.
The practice room is equipped with modern equipment, one-dimensional kitchen system simulating the same as large restaurants and hotels today.
Students learn with top experts, experienced instructors in the Japanese kitchen field.


Welcome to Eddie Cuong Nguyen’s Japanese kitchen course. The course helped Eddie share his knowledge of how to cook Japanese cuisine and bring value to everyone.
The course aims to give young chefs the opportunity to learn more, improve their skills and understand Japanese cuisine more accurately, because Eddie’s instructional videos are filtered from many people. results achieved over the years.

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