8 gold benefits from sushi

We all know that Sushi is a typical dish of the culinary culture from Japan. The ingredients to make this delicious dish mainly include: mixed rice, vegetables, seaweed and fresh seafood such as fish (especially salmon), shrimp, squid … served with soy sauce. pure, ginger, and mustard. Sushi is usually served in very small servings; however, sources of energy as well as nutrition

Abundant Energy Source For The Body

The type of rice to make Sushi is sticky rice (low-fat, sodium-free, high-carbohydrate content), originating from Japan. This type of rice can provide the body with a more abundant and special source of energy, because it contains less fat, so we should not worry about belly fat.
Furthermore, fresh foods in sushi such as shrimp, fish, and other seafood provide the body with a large source of protein as well as omega 3 for the body. Eat a lot without fear of fat, why not eat?

Abundant Vitamin Sources

Common ingredients when enjoying Japanese Sushi are seaweed, an ingredient with a lot of vitamins A, B, C. In addition, vegetables served with delicious Sushi pieces are also a diverse source of vitamins. and good for the body. We can say, Sushi is the perfect dish, eating a lot without fear of fat but good for health.

Abundant Protein Sources

Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the functioning of the body, as well as helping to restore the damage of muscle bundles. The fresh seafood that makes Sushi is a great source of protein. You should enjoy fresh seafood instead of when it has been prepared by deep frying. Do not worry about fresh food, check out the article on how to eat safe raw fish from Japan as well as learn more about whether eating raw fish is good or not.

Healthy Body With Body

According to many culinary experts, Sushi is an extremely nutritional and healthy dish for the digestive system. It is simply because the ingredients for the cooking of the dishes are always fresh and delicious, especially seafood, not seasoned with harmful additives. In addition, soy sauce – Sushi is made with whole soybeans or red apples (natural protein source, low in saturated fat and, above all, cholesterol free). Moreover, the nutrients in Sushi also reduce the risk of breast cancer or premenopausal symptoms.
Moreover, our brain is also stimulated to secrete dopamine & norepinephrine, creating a feeling of relaxation and clarity.

Helps A Healthy Heart

For better cholesterol control, Sushi dish is also made from whole grain rice. When enjoying the food, you are loading into the body a little fresh avocado, fortified with omega 3 acids, very good for the cardiovascular system.

Good for the digestive system

Did you know, seaweed leaves used to roll Sushi contains a lot of vitamins A, B, C and niacin … very good for the digestive system. In addition, rice vinegar used to mix with Sushi rice has the effect of promoting better digestion.


When enjoying Sushi, we cannot lack all kinds of vegetables to eat. Therefore, our body is provided with an abundant amount of antioxidants from vegetables, helping to limit the damage caused by free rays, and prevent cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer.

Benefits Of Sushi – Preventing Cancer

It is wonderful that we can eat well and that helps us prevent cancer. While soy sauces often contain unhealthy additives, the soy sauce used with Sushi is naturally fermented from soybeans does not contain cholesterol.

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